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Deliver hotel information and services easily and quickly to guests and receive guest reviews

Key Features

Guest Guide

Provides basic information that must be informed to guests, such as check-out time/breakfast time & location.

Facilities & Services

호텔의 시설 정보와 서비스 내용등 게스트에게 홍보하고 싶은 내용을 전달합니다

Order & Request Taking

룸서비스 / 수건과 같은 어메니티 요청을 게스트의 스마트폰으로 요청할 수 있습니다

Guest Review

Upon checkout, hotel can send a review request message to guests. At this point, guests are actively writing reviews.

Paperless, eco-friendly Hotel

비용이 많이들고 관리가 힘든 종이를 없애보세요 호텔의 정보와 서비스를 게스트의 스마트폰으로 제공하여 디지털호텔로 만들고 포스트코로나 시대에 비접촉기술 도입으로 보다 안전한 호텔로 만들어보세요

We provide an intuitive drag & drop method editor that does not need to learn. The editor lets you quickly and easily create all the information and services you want to inform your guests.

You can create anything you want to inform your guests.

No Download

The service needed to download an app is disregarded by guests who stay a short period. iSTAY® doesn’t ask the guest to download an app but transmits all the information thru SMS, Whatsapp, or Kakaotalk. All the actions the guest needed to do is just click and explorer all the information you provide.

Guest Review

Guests just checking-out the hotel may submit highly accurate and honest reviews based on a vivid guest experience with hotel. Based on this, hotel can improve the problems, which can affect other guests and hotel can continue to improve.

  • Provide reviews including room number / length of stay

  • 객실별 리뷰 모음

  • 첨부파일로 제출한 사진 제공

  • Export MS Excel®




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