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Redefining Guest Experiences with AI & IoT

As customer expectations rise across industries, technology offers an answer. Amidst the cutthroat dynamics, hospitality leaders aim to offer guests a smart hotel experience that surpasses their expectations. The industry is significantly benefiting from the confluence of ever-developing digital transformation and the Internet of Things (IoT), delivering a mutually reinforcing equation of excellent service. Bringing these smart hotel services of the future closer to reality is Korea-based InTheCore Business Platform.

InTheCore Business Platform has developed iStay, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT enabled hotel service platform that nurtures an unparalleled guest experience in the hospitality industry. InTheCore’s iStay offers a remarkable in-stay experience of hotel service and solutions via guest room automation, mobile engagement, AI Speaker and hyper-personalized guest accommodation.

The uniqueness of iStay lies in the fact that users don’t have to install any app to experience its benefits. iStay can assist hotel guests to manipulate TV, lighting, air-conditioning, and more in the room, all with their smartphone. Imagine changing a TV channel without a conventional remote control? Imagine digital housekeeping and concierge service without calling the hotel front desk? iStay makes all this and more possible with just a click. The highly scalable and flexible iStay can connect to Philips Hue of lighting, WiFi or conventional Thermostat, InnCom Smart solution, Somfy, Google Home and Amazon Alexa. It is also compatible with messengers, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, KakaoTalk and so on for concierge service and smart room control. As the future of hotel rooms is voice activation, iStay has expanded to voice control service with AI Speaker of Korea KT and Global Amazon Alexa, facilitating automatic translation AI chatbot that supports over 100 languages.

“InTheCore provides one-step-access to iStay like Amazon one-click,” mentions Steve Jung, President at InTheCore. “This one-step-access, web-based service allows to login QR Code with a smartphone without downloading, registering and logging into the hotel app, in a matter of just one to five seconds!” The differentiated technology allows InTheCore to collaborate strategically with a multinational conglomerate company, Honeywell to co-develop market opportunities in Korea and overseas. iStay has been being deployed in Ambassador Hotels with over 8,000 guest rooms, and in Daemyung Condo & Resort with over 11,000 guest rooms. Besides, Accor Hotel Group has also certified iStay as an official solution. Recently, Korea Telecom(KT) approached InTheCore with a challenge to incorporate AI service into their hotel system as a strategic partner. InTheCore helped the client to understand the conventional system first, and then integrated RMS with their system that allowed them to meet their requirements.

While most hotels and property managers continue to rely on conventional room management and property management systems, the real brick in the road is to upgrade the IoT and retrofit everything in a hotel. InTheCore leverages the new-age technologies to align both the guests and the hoteliers in terms of benefits. From the hoteliers’ perspective, the platform provides visible management, real-time room status monitoring and guest order management, and more. The company focuses on providing an easy-to-use and intuitive User Interface (UI) for the guests and an affordable and sustainable service framework for the hoteliers. In doing so, InTheCore integrates the conventional hotel system with cloud-based Room Management System (RMS) and Property Management System (PMS) through StayCore gateway, bringing comprehensive hotel management on one digital platform.

With an aim to deliver exceptional services, few hotels in the U.S., East South Asia, and Japan will adopt iStay hotel service platform before the end of the second quarter this year. “To improve its services further, InTheCore will expand iStay to a global market—across the U.S., Canada, Asia, and Europe—from the third quarter this year,” states Jung.

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